Daddy's Princess in a Puanropui

Happy Father's Day to all the daddy/s reading my blog, though I doubt there are any. LoL.
This Sunday I decided to go all traditional, and hence the Mizo Puanropui. In Lushai (Mizo) language, Puan refers to cloth (here, to the woven cloth worn around the lower body), and Ropui refers to Great/Majestic. Therefore, Puanropui would literally mean "The Majestic Cloth". Sounds grand eh?

That's My Dad. Mr. John. TeeHee... A picture had to be taken on this day, The Father-Daughter duo.
Here I've paired the puan with a sleeveless bright block colored top since the cloth is already very heavy- texture wise and color wise. The high heel accentuated the length of the cloth.

I accessorized my outfit with the heavy neckpiece and beautiful textured envelope clutch. Neon orange nail-paint and very earthy make-up did the trick!

We Mizos are indeed lucky to have such varied handwoven cloths to experiment with: a medium with which our rich tradition is carried forward.

Top: Radnik
Puan: Mom's
Shoe: Zara
Clutch: Jabong
Neckpiece: Janpath


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  2. Your Puan is gorgeous. You have styled it very well too... a cross of traditional and contemporary. I had a friend of mine who wore (or wrapped rather) a woven shawl from the north-east, just to make it look like this puan, in the winters. It served a great purpose as well as looked eclectic. :)

    I have voted for you on the Cosmo awards !

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

    1. It is indeed a beautiful attire.
      Thanks for the support! :)


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