Sunday, 23 June 2013

Another Sunday, Another Midi.

Once bitten, twice, not so shy.
Hey folks another Sunday, another outfit. I'm sporting the midi-skirt, yet again! Caught by the bug.

Midi-skirts are in Vogue too. I mean, literally. (Vogue India, June 2013)

Teamed my cream midis with Satya Paul clutch and Mom's kurti I tugged in. This black kurti is very chic and comfortable. Thank God the weather was cloudy and gloomy, else under a very sunny sky I'd have looked exhausting! 

Hey, don't judge me about repeating my shoes again and again 'kay? I'm on a vacation and it's humanly foolish to carry a lot of bulky shoes. Black shoes are versatile, so it helps.

Kurti: Style Forum, Guwahati.
Rosary: Goa.
Silk Clutch: Satya Paul (the embellishment, self made)
Skirt: Thrift
Shoes: Zara

That's it for now, Till next time, take care guys.
P.S. People in Uttarakhand and other Northern states of India, are always in my prayers.


  1. nice outfit! i chhelo lutuk tlats :)
    always love midi even when it was not that IN :P & i loveee ur shoes :)

    1. same here.. ka naupan deuh lai pon ka feng nasa thei lutuka, specially a arh chi, ka nu hian, i hnok! min ti thrin :D
      Thanks btw <3