Creativity Never Knocks

Closet Poop-->Creativity

Have you ever noticed? The best of your ideas or designs, in our case, pops up when we least expect? For some it pops when we are busy attending nature's call and for some in the church, "listening" to the pastor's sermon.
This happened to me in a rather understandable situation comparatively though. Sleepover. Yes! You knew it, right? One of the most exciting part of sleeping over at a friend's place is RAIDING THE CHLOOOOSSEEETTT!!! hAGAGAHAHA... *Geez, I'm getting hyper now*

The Bohemian spirit rules.
So, the original purpose of me raiding Janaki's closet was to look for something Colorful for her to wear. She has a GREAT sense of style, but tends to go all monotonous. Sonal, Amelia and me finally decided to see what she needs to incorporate to her closet. Turns out, she had more than what we expected.
Her closet is awesome. We girls went crazy over the gowns and dresses. (Next Blog Post.)
This and That.
We had fun trying out all her clothes, taking pictures, listening to her sing and having a great meal. I think I enjoyed the most when I discovered this Aztec. It was originally a pajama, I loved it so much, but it was majorly torn. So... Poop came... Creativity. I gathered my strength and ripped the stitches apart. Behold! Came this skirt with slits I so love. I picked up random stuffs lying in the room and assembled them on myself. Thus, the Look. *Grin*

Trying to look so intense. LoL.
More on the sleepover later.Assignments are eagerly waiting for me to lay my hands on them.
Thanks Janaki.
Oh and yeah, Sonal too, for being the patient (ehem?) photographer and Amelia for the critics.  


  1. Same here, I get most creative while I'm sitting on the loo :)

    And when are you girls gonna come and raid my closet? :D :P


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