Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Valentine's Day is the occassion which brings anxiety to my being whether I'm in a relationship or not. The festival has become such a tradition to the popular culture that adding a post dedicated to it would be a safe cliche I can play with. I have a post for you-three days in a row, dedicated to all the readers who I would not blame if they cursed me for not being regular in my posts. 

Oh that reminds me- HAPPY NEW YEAR 😁

This time I've come with this lilac hand-me-down asymmetrical dress from Oasis. Here is the first look   ⤵

I decided to leave the dress as it is for the first look. I wanted the feminity of the dress to shine through. I accessorised it with chunky stones to give it an edge.

The most Valentine's Day look of the three looks is my first post.

NOTE: The dress you decide to wear can make or break the deal with your date. Choose wise.

Outfit details-

Dress: Oasis
Earrings: Shein
Neckpiece: Bali
Rings: Aliexpress

As for me, I'm going to work on more posts for you and date my laptop tomorrow. Have fun!