Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pretty Bracelets- The Sleepover Gallery

No feminist would deny the fact that sleepovers are every girl's sanctuary of fun and peace.

Hola. I know I've been off of late. And you know exactly what to blame on don't you? Heehaw.
Well, here I am now, to show you the glimpses of the sleepover I promised you weeks back. Better late than never.

I missed my guitar so much, this was an orgasmic moment.

I remember we had a very tiring week the weekend we decided to sleepover at Janaki's apartment, Central Park in Gurgaon. For students living in a PG, me and Amelia, that is, a sleepover was the ultimate dream- A proper spacious house, television, spacious bathroom and to top it all, good food. Janaki's mom spoilt us with the dinner and breakfast.


And then of course, the dress-ups. We all tried around stuffs we never thought we'd wear. Specially for Sonal, she tried on some dresses and the best thing was, she confessed she loved wearing them. That's epic. Trust me. Also, she in heels? Oscars for Most  Memorable Moment. Good for you guys, I have a picture!
Yea, I know, the face is missing.

This is Janaki's prom dress the both of them are trying on. Sonal tried it on because we kind of forced her to. Amelia? She forced herself into the dress. Lol, jokes apart, this dress was designed by Janaki herself, for the school prom in the 13th standard (she studied in the British School, New Delhi). I really love the way how the dress flows. The sequinned dress is very Greek Princess, perfect for any formal occasion.

No, this is not another wannabe "bathroom pose". I just wanted to capture the huge ass DSLR. I love it. The pictures came out so good, all us us nearly mistook ourselves to be great photographers.

I am in love with these Dr. Martens boots and the kitty headband. I couldn't pose enough! Har-har.

The cherry in the cake of the whole evening was Janaki singing for us. She has such an amazing voice. For a girl who laughs like a walrus, the performance was divine. We love you Janu... (not because we expect to come again pretty soon :P )

"Yes, I get what you're saying... Okay okay.. ahaaa.. Um. Righto Janaki.".. Behind the scenes of Creativity Never Knocks.

Trying to wake-up the sleeping beauties.

Waking up to Pancakes, coffee, scrambled eggs, bread and fresh juices  was more than what we could have asked for. How did we spend the rest of the day? Grey's Anatomy and later, The Devil Wears Prada...

                                                "....Suddenly I see,
                                                 Why the hell it means so much to me..."