Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Only One

First of all, there is no connection between the name of the Post and the actual content. I'm in short of words because of lack of practice. So, not much to say tonight. I'll just take you through my day via the pictures.

In the metro, on my way to Janpath, Sonal clicked this photo of my shiny new shoes I bought yesterday. Bought these floral pants too. *grin*

Bits and Pieces of my outfit today. Went for a "Sissy meets Rocker" look. Sorry for the bad editing. Still learning Photoshop :P

Yea, that's me acting pretty. BTW, I bought that neckpiece from Janpath today. I love that place. I'm so going there again... and again, and again.

That's it for now, I actually have lots to update you guys on, but I've been through a lot lately, so, I'll get to that gradually.
Love you guys... xOxO.

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