Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pretty Bracelets- The Sleepover Gallery

No feminist would deny the fact that sleepovers are every girl's sanctuary of fun and peace.

Hola. I know I've been off of late. And you know exactly what to blame on don't you? Heehaw.
Well, here I am now, to show you the glimpses of the sleepover I promised you weeks back. Better late than never.

I missed my guitar so much, this was an orgasmic moment.

I remember we had a very tiring week the weekend we decided to sleepover at Janaki's apartment, Central Park in Gurgaon. For students living in a PG, me and Amelia, that is, a sleepover was the ultimate dream- A proper spacious house, television, spacious bathroom and to top it all, good food. Janaki's mom spoilt us with the dinner and breakfast.


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Only One

First of all, there is no connection between the name of the Post and the actual content. I'm in short of words because of lack of practice. So, not much to say tonight. I'll just take you through my day via the pictures.

In the metro, on my way to Janpath, Sonal clicked this photo of my shiny new shoes I bought yesterday. Bought these floral pants too. *grin*

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Creativity Never Knocks

Closet Poop-->Creativity

Have you ever noticed? The best of your ideas or designs, in our case, pops up when we least expect? For some it pops when we are busy attending nature's call and for some in the church, "listening" to the pastor's sermon.
This happened to me in a rather understandable situation comparatively though. Sleepover. Yes! You knew it, right? One of the most exciting part of sleeping over at a friend's place is RAIDING THE CHLOOOOSSEEETTT!!! hAGAGAHAHA... *Geez, I'm getting hyper now*

The Bohemian spirit rules.