Monday, 6 November 2017

Back to School

I am almost done with the first semester of Masters of Design course in NIFT Mumbai. It feels almost lethargic to get into this whole "going to classes everyday" routine after a gap year. However, the energy of the hectic days in NIFT Delhi during my bachelors has starting kicking in and I am slowly but surely gaining my momentum; not just in terms of assignments and all that sass but also when it comes to dressing up.

It did take me a while to get myself into dressing up creatively again. Let me tell you a secret: No matter how "natural" these stylish people around you seem to make dressing up feel like, it does take some extra effort to look good: A little more brain into smart shopping, smart styling and smart attitude to carry them off.

And for people in the creative field, which is almost all people existing (because every activity on the surface of the Earth require some creativity), putting that extra effort helps brainstorming to evoke creative pulses in you.

My "Back-to-school" outfit consist of basic colors: BLACK, WHITE and RED.
I wore a black tank top with belted maxi skirt, which is knotted in the slits to allow free movement around the corridors for when I feel hyperactive and playful. I paired it with white sneakers, a trend which I am sure will soon be considered a classic (if it's already not been declared so) because they do not seem to be going away. I also wore my super huge plastic spectacles which aids my actual eyesight and not just the outfit. And lastly, the bag: it is a bag for attending college where we study (guys?). So it has to be big enough for books no? *wink*

Outfit details:
Striped shirt- Colaba street market, Mumbai
Tank top- Metropolis Closet (launching soon)
Skirt- MAX
Belt- Marks & Spencer
Bag- H&M
Spectacles- Sarojini Market, Delhi

And in this wonderful new found love of dressing up (every new relationship feels new right?), I am lucky to have found Charu Gupta, who is willing to click my annoying face with more enthusiasm than the enthusiasm I have to pose around for the camera.

Check out her blog here for insights to her beautiful mind: The Hamaleh Project.

Cheers all! See you soon xx