Monday, 24 April 2017

A Rainy Spring-DIY Belt Day

It is the last week of the month April. The Northeast India is hardly ready for the scorching summer. The wet weather is keeping the region cool, making it perfect to experiment with the  non-negligible  pre-monsoon.

I have owned this trench-dress for a very long time in Delhi and without wearing it, brought it down to Guwahati and now after almost a year here, I thought I should give it a chance. The voluminous silhouette is not my typical style so I looked for ways to keep it as casual and "street" as possible. I am not comfortable with very glamorous looks, and hence, the streetstyle genre of my personal style.

Now, this trench is a thrift buy, so the original belt must have lost its way. Anyone living in a budget will agree a wardrobe needs only the basic belt. So what do you do when your belt is not "compatible" to your ensemble? You create one.

Having lived in Delhi has its perks. Every girl owns few scarves of different color and size, because- dust. Here is what you do to transform your long scarf into a belt-

( A pictorial instruction manual always works better!) 

I am wearing a pointed ballerina pair of shoes, a delicate neckpiece, a pair of bedazzled jhumkas and a wrist-watch to complete my look. And yes, my hair is different- again. Told you I can not sport the same hair for more than two months. Okay, bye. Enjoy the weather!

Trench-Dress: thrift
Shoes: Forever New
Scarf: Ann Taylor
Wrist-watch: Forever New
Neck-piece: Forever21
Earrings: Local store

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