Tuesday, 28 February 2017

On Valentine's Day

February is almost over.
This is my ode to the lovers' month:

You have seen tears,
You have seen laughter,
You have seen hope,
You have seen them turn disasters.
But apart from the brokeness,
one thing is for sure,
You do bring out the Love in them all-
In us all.

Love that brings the tears,
Love that brings the laughter,
Love that show hope,
Love that turn them into disasters.
But apart from all the brokeness,
one thing is for sure,
LOVE does bring them all.

(an impromptu, written as I type)

                                                                   28th Feb, 2017

These pictures were taken on Valentine's Day in my workplace after my work hour. #sorrynotsorry

Outfit details:

Bodysuit: Forever21
Cardigan: thrift
Neckpiece: Sarojini, Delhi
Choker: Forever21
Skirt: MaX
Boots: Local store
Location: Mocha, Guwahati

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