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Urban Tribe - EXPOSE´ 2016

EXPOSE´ 2016 
for Breast Cancer Awareness

Organised by: Mizo Niftians Association

In association with Mizoram State Cancer Institute

Media Partner: ZONET

Date: 21st October, 2016

Venue: Mizoram University Multipurpose Hall

by Mawipuii

The initial line-up

My first ever fashion show after graduation came pretty early- three months after college. We, the Mizo graduates of NIFT centres across the country formed ourselves an association to recognise the designers hailing from the reputed institution to uplift the fashion scene of the region. We came up with Expose´ to expose the talents of the designers and promote quality fashion education. Whilst doing this, we were blessed to have the MSCI behind our event to create breast cancer awareness in the state of Mizoram and other states as well. It was a collaboration so perfect, we wouldn't have it otherwise.

For my collection Urban Tribe, I wanted to showcase my personal aesthetics in terms of color, silhouette, textures, prints and styling. I was the only one among the participating designers who had never had an established "label"/boutique in my name. So that meant I had no "team" to help me execute my ideas. I have to give my sincere thanks to the tailors and embroiders who I had known during my college days. It was, therefore, a challenge to create a collection of ten to twelve pieces for a collection. I have to give credits to my parents for the financial and moral support too, specially my mom who was there to guide me creatively as well.

For this show I had specially created printed textiles in the form of scarves, which are seen hanging on the bags of the ensemble. The prints have motifs of traditional objects used by Mizos like, saum bur, khelawk, etc. and other significant motifs like bamboo, vakiria, dar khuang and sial ki. I have to thank Sonal for helping me out with the graphics and bringing my ideas to life. The bags too are customized woven with water hyacinth, by Assamese self-help groups here in Assam.

Janvi Deori

Mampuii Hnamte

Lawmi Hnamte

Ts-i Khiangte

Vasky Tlau


Marina Lallianzuali

Mamuani Chawngthu


Kima Sailo

(All garments and accessories are available to be sold on special request. 
Email me for more details:

Make-Up Artist: Nuseni Beauty Parlour
Photographer: Puia Tochhawng 
Editing: -self-

Visiting Aizawl has always been such a pleasure for me. I love the weather, the ambience and the people. It has always welcomed me with good vibes and I hope to build a better association with the place in the years to come.

Special thanks to all models for investing your time, energy and love into walking the ramp for us. We were indeed blessed to have the reputed models of Northeast- Janvi Deori, Triveni and Jessica Cunville walking for us.

Sincere gratitude to Valpuia for being the best DJ we could ask for. Your tracks kept our show alive.
To all my friends and family who attended the show, your love will always be remembered. And all of my peeps who constantly encourage me to go forward with my love for fashion, you soar high! I have too much to thank for and too little to give back. Just know, even on days I can not keep track, the Lord above always remembers. He will bless all the people who wishes the best for others.

Last, but definitely not the least, my fellow designers from MNA who were a part of the show: I have never been admist such strong, independent and kind group of creative women who have nothing but love and respect to shower for each other. You are a true inspiration and a decent example for young feminists out there struggling today to create equal opportunities for both genders in the industry.

The show has since been airing on Zonet channels.

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