Saturday, 19 November 2016

Beyond Yourself

*smiles sheepishly*

I am not starting off with an apology this time. Else my blog would start looking like a bunch of documents on how to apologise whenever you post a new blog post. I have been upto so many things since the last time I wrote. Here is the list in random order:

1. Graduation / Convocation
2. Shifting out of Delhi
3. Expose´ 2016 
4. Church activities
5. Freelance writing and designing

And in between all this, I met new people, made new friends, got hurt once in a while and enjoyed every bit of life that happened.

The one thing that is constantly on my mind these days and have governed all my future plans and choices today is the quote given in my picture below.

What does it mean to look beyond yourself? Today all of us are told to love ourselves more than ever, and if not we are incapable of loving others. True. However, how do you know where to draw the line? How do you know you are loving yourself and are ready to love others?

The moment we stop being so full of ourselves and actually step out to do small things with a bigger purpose is the moment we can say we have understood Agape. *proud Mother Teresa moment here*

Practically speaking, how do you go about doing this? In whatever line of career you are heading to, there is always a scope for thinking beyond yourself. Let me give you an example, ever since I have come to know of design in ways deeper than the superficial, I have always felt the need to inculcate the traits of design in students of all fields of expertise. This is because a good design solves problems in ways smarter than ideas with no design sensibilities. I have also always keep in mind to reflect my roots of origin in whatever I decide to put my name on. That way, I have a greater purpose. Instead of just trying to earn fame and fortune, wouldn't it be so much better achieving all this, and bringing along the society to which I belong, with me to rise higher?

In another example, I know a woman who is working as a principle for a school in a village in Manipur. She hardly gets to visit the school because of lack of attendance of both the students and the teachers alike. So it is convenient for her to not put any effort to into the infrastructure and enjoy her salary. But instead, what I have urged her to do is to take this as an opportunity to bring changes into the lives of the children in the village. My dream for her is to encourage the teachers and inspire them to come to work which is going to happen if she starts doing so herself.

Life is short. So why live it just for yourself? If you have been given opportunities to touch the lives of other people, go ahead. Run the extra mile. In the end, your money is not going to the grave with you, but your good name will. To tell yourself you are not in the power to make any changes in the society, you are only fooling yourself. Every human breathing and moving around has something to offer to the other being.

I'd like to address another issue here. I have always been ultra active in all societies I am a part of. The Mizo welfare societies, the students union, the church body, the youth fellowships and the likes, and I've been often asked why I get myself into all of this when the industry I have chosen to get into allows me no time to indulge in these. My answer has always been the same- like it or not, I've been born into this. And my service to these societies in the very small bit of roles I play even as a humble ordinary active member, I am contributing to the upliftment of societies. All of these small societies form to make a bigger one, and then a bigger one up unto the society of humanity we are all a part of.
I could go on and write about how this is to be true, but I rest my case. The whole hearted participation you have in every little activity you do, added with a healthy amount of competition and grace to lift others along with yourself is the best formula to live life beyond yourself.

Moving on, I have to have an outfit post along with deep rantings else it would not be my blog would it? *grins* This outfit was of a week ago in Guwahati for the Guwahati Mizo Welfare Association Kût 2016. It was a last minute planned outfit. I up-cycled my old denim minis and stitched my leftover puan ropui scraps to extend the skirt. I added a nice eyelash lace to finish it and styled the look as contemporary as I could with accents of the tribal aesthetics. Mizo thi hna was my preferred jewellery and a weaved bag from my own "Urban Tribe" collection to accessorise the look.

And umm, no, all those ranting was not a PR technique to sell my look. :P

Also, I realised this is the debut of my short permed hair with uneven highlights. Thanks.

Outfit details:

Suede Jacket : Hongkong
Peasant blouse : Marks & Spencers, INDIGO collection
Thi hna: Delhi
Skirt: Thrift upgraded to self
Bag: Mawipuii 
Shoes: Forever21

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