Saturday, 11 June 2016

ZION: The Collection

The Design Collection 2016

Imagine a utopian tribe that hails from a combination of two very powerful subcultures: the ethnic folklore of the flower child (1960s-1970s) and the aggressive anti-style punk subculture (late 1970s).

The collection combines elements of the two subcultures to create one that is ideal for the youth to uphold and embrace. It is the norm that the conscious youth of today would like to experience. This experience is brought to you by a collection named: Zion, the land to come.
The collection uses a variety of traditional fabrics: Mizo puan ropui, Merino wool shawl from Himachal and matka silk in combination with cotton lace and suede along with FAUX fur.

The unconventional use of conventional fabrics to form a western wear collection is what brings it an edge.

Models: Cyndi Lloyd ; JC Pricilla 

Makeup & Hair: -Self-

Photographers: Lalrinsanga Ralte & Reuben Lalmalsawma

Earrings: -self made-

Shoes: For sale (size: 35/36/37)

After four years of dedicated days in the labs of the department our hard work paid off. We, the class of 2016, finally got over with our days in India's best fashion institute- NIFT, New Delhi. We had an official graduation exhibition on the 28th of May in the Stainless Gallery in Okhla (will be posting about this soon). We are expecting to fly off our graduation caps later this year.

My collection reflects my personality developed within these years. I've realized my love for street fashion: fashion of the people and my beliefs in popularizing the traditional for the youth. Do let me know what your take is :)

Contact: for further enquiries on the collection