Friday, 6 May 2016

Under the Indian Sky

The new India is all about juxtaposition of cultures. That is what I wanted to focus for my Indian term project done a year ago. The new India is young, hip, traditional yet contemporary. I created a lehenga choli for the contemporary Indian women for occasional events using different authentic fabrics: the ikat fabric from Andhra Pradesh, the mirrorwork embroidery from Gujarat and cotton denim. 

I styled the look with a neckpiece I used here as a maang tikka, or a headgear from Paharganj to give it a boho vibe. The makeup is done classic. And my model looks stunning, doing justice to my garment cent percent. Thank you Pricilla :)

Garment: -self-
Model: JC Pricilla 
Jewellery: Paharganj
Make-up: -self-
Photography: -self-

Just so you are wondering what I'm upto now, I just finished my Design Collection and am officially out of college! Official graduation will be a few weeks later. I can't wait to do a shoot for my collection to show you guys. Thank you all for the support.


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