Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Folk in Vogue-Asian Paints

Hi peeps. Yes- I'm finally telling you guys everything. "Folk in Vogue" has been flooding your home page and I'm not sorry. This is a very innovative initiative brought to us by Asian Paints available in their Colour store.

Let me get this straight- I know I've never indulged in commercial blog posts, so when I do, believe me, I am all for it. Being in NIFT amidst creative minds, our tastes always inclines to a traditional masala twist if not fully dedicated to it. The reason behind this is because every form of art and creative activity has its roots in the folk and culture of our society. Today Asian Paints is letting our folk paintings adorn the walls of our urban homes. Take that for a change! The idea is to support our karigaars with work worth spending time on in the present times. 

Colour Asian Paints store, CP, New Delhi

The event held on 30th March 2016 invited 20 most influential women here in Delhi who have been inspiring the lives of many everyday with their immense love and passion for everything artsy. You can watch the clips of these women in the link HERE where they have shared their words towards this initiative. I am truly blessed to have been invited to sit among them and soak in all the positive energy these ladies radiated.

Tritha Sinha gracefully caries off a saree with pants

Designer Isha Dhingra wears her own line

 We got to spend time with three artisans whose expertise lied in Gondh, Madhubani and Patachitra. We received personalized art done by them as a part of the gift package received.




The team

The store in Connaught Place is an inspiring arena in itself. It is also very technologically friendly which will help you go through the interior dilemma you go through whilst selecting the best options for your home. If you wanna know more you can definitely go visit and consult the experts on what is best for your space.

  Annnnnd finally, my ootd! I got my own fusion of tribes going on in a single frame. I made sure I dressed for the event with the same vibe of the whole purpose of the gathering.

I wore my own ITP waistcoat over this summery prairie dress. The waistcoat has a Mizo Puanropui border. I accessorized it with this silver pahari jewelry and Rajasthani bag.

Outfit Details:

Waistcoat: Self
Dress: Thrift
Neck-piece: Paharganj
Bag: Jaipur
Shoes: Forever21

Thank you Josephine for my #ootd pictures :)

[Colour with Asian Paints Signature Store, A Block, Connaught Place- Touch, feel and experience colour in ways you had never before imagined. ]

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