Thursday, 21 April 2016

India Runway Week : Hannah Khiangte

 India Runway Week by iFFD aims at giving fashion startup designers an opportunity to showcase their collection in a national platform. I got to attend the first day first show by Hannah Khiangte, Bani Khurana and Sailesh Singhania. Here is my review on Hannah Khiangte's Spring Summer 2016 collection.

Her name needs no "Google" for the Mizo fashion clan in Mizoram and the northeast India. It was thus, a proud moment to witness a runway show in Delhi by the upcoming designer 
Hannah Khiangte. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Folk in Vogue-Asian Paints

Hi peeps. Yes- I'm finally telling you guys everything. "Folk in Vogue" has been flooding your home page and I'm not sorry. This is a very innovative initiative brought to us by Asian Paints available in their Colour store.

Let me get this straight- I know I've never indulged in commercial blog posts, so when I do, believe me, I am all for it. Being in NIFT amidst creative minds, our tastes always inclines to a traditional masala twist if not fully dedicated to it. The reason behind this is because every form of art and creative activity has its roots in the folk and culture of our society. Today Asian Paints is letting our folk paintings adorn the walls of our urban homes. Take that for a change! The idea is to support our karigaars with work worth spending time on in the present times.