Saturday, 9 January 2016

New Year Introspection

 I’m back in Delhi after  a very gracious holiday with my family. Happy and contend. But certain incidences had me rethink about the things taken for granted.
Very Happy New Year readers!

One of my closest friend’s mother passed away on New Year’s evening. It was unfortunate. Also inevitable.  After all, mortality is achieved only when life as we know it, ends.

I recently came across this video on Facebook where a speaker, Francis Chan spoke about Eternity. He compared the human life to a long rope with a little red tip. The human life on Earth is the red portion and the rest is eternity. The rest did not have a finishing tip; the other side was never ending. Now for this little red part of our life we work and live life the way we want it. We do everything in our own capacity to enjoy and do things our way without realizing what we do on this part of the rope will affect how we will be spending the other side. 

Here is the video: