Saturday, 19 November 2016

Beyond Yourself

*smiles sheepishly*

I am not starting off with an apology this time. Else my blog would start looking like a bunch of documents on how to apologise whenever you post a new blog post. I have been upto so many things since the last time I wrote. Here is the list in random order:

1. Graduation / Convocation
2. Shifting out of Delhi
3. Expose´ 2016 
4. Church activities
5. Freelance writing and designing

And in between all this, I met new people, made new friends, got hurt once in a while and enjoyed every bit of life that happened.

The one thing that is constantly on my mind these days and have governed all my future plans and choices today is the quote given in my picture below.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Unapologetic '90s Kid

Can we ever have enough of the 1990s? I'm so glad I was born in the early '90s just enough to enjoy the undisturbed culture before the digital toys came around. That is just the icing, the cherry in the cake about being born in the '90s? You can actually flaunt the trending phase '90s kid and not be lying to the fashion peeps :D

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Boutique Culture in Aizawl

 The love for clothes and all things fashion that the Mizo folks have is no hidden secret. The new generation of fashion enthusiasts in Mizoram have slowly but surely learnt the value of couture (French for sewing), which is why the boutique culture has been emerging in rates higher than ever. Designers have come up from all over the state, especially in Aizawl. Most of these designers have attended designing courses in fashion institutions across the country while there are also good many of them who have developed the skill out of pure interest and practice over the years.

It is not that the entire stitching culture is new here. In fact every other household in Mizoram have an aunt or two who knows how to stitch. The unavailability of ready-made garments and economic limitations have resulted in mothers stitching their daughters dresses for every occasion. My mom stitched every Christmas dress of mine when I was younger. She even stitched some of my school uniform skirts, and the best part is, she is a civil engineer by profession!

So as time went by and professions became diverse, people hardly had the time to stitch their own clothes. However, the need for new clothes not only still existed but also increased with the improvement in the economic conditions of people. The church culture has a lot to do with it. Almost all the churches in Mizoram discourage "western" style of clothing for church mass and encourages the traditional "puan" for adult women and "appropriate" dresses for younger girls. The traditional puan is a wrap around skirt and so an upper blouse is mandatory. This need for a blouse/top to go with the puan is what generates 80% (according to my theoretical survey) of the boutique culture.

The designers in Aizawl cater to blouses and dresses for church affairs. Wedding trousseau is a grand bonus and a big market for them. Recently, the youth in Aizawl have started popularizing the party culture where events by different organisations have became a great deal and so designers are booked with orders for gowns and dresses for such occasions.

On my recent visit to Aizawl, I had the opportunity to interact with some of the most celebrated designers of the small fashionable town thanks to Sang Chawngthu, a dear friend, who volunteered to drive me around in her scooty (best mode of transport for Aizawl). Her social skills came handy as she was familiar with almost all of them making it easier for me to strike a conversation(Thank you!)

Here is a list of some of the must-visit boutiques/stores of the town:

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Photo Walks

Hi peeps! 
It's been a long time since I last wrote, not just here but anywhere about anything at all.
Life had brought so many ups and downs after NIFT life. I'm back home in Guwahati now and will be here until something pops up elsewhere. I miss Delhi dearly. The most recent activity I got hooked to there before I came home was photo walks. 

I've been lucky to have encountered friends who have so much passion. Passion for photography and art; passion for life itself. I have friends who give their all in all they do and perform. Every moment being with them is a learning experience. Their passion is contagious.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

ZION: The Collection

The Design Collection 2016

Imagine a utopian tribe that hails from a combination of two very powerful subcultures: the ethnic folklore of the flower child (1960s-1970s) and the aggressive anti-style punk subculture (late 1970s).

Friday, 6 May 2016

Under the Indian Sky

The new India is all about juxtaposition of cultures. That is what I wanted to focus for my Indian term project done a year ago. The new India is young, hip, traditional yet contemporary. I created a lehenga choli for the contemporary Indian women for occasional events using different authentic fabrics: the ikat fabric from Andhra Pradesh, the mirrorwork embroidery from Gujarat and cotton denim. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

India Runway Week : Hannah Khiangte

 India Runway Week by iFFD aims at giving fashion startup designers an opportunity to showcase their collection in a national platform. I got to attend the first day first show by Hannah Khiangte, Bani Khurana and Sailesh Singhania. Here is my review on Hannah Khiangte's Spring Summer 2016 collection.

Her name needs no "Google" for the Mizo fashion clan in Mizoram and the northeast India. It was thus, a proud moment to witness a runway show in Delhi by the upcoming designer 
Hannah Khiangte. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Folk in Vogue-Asian Paints

Hi peeps. Yes- I'm finally telling you guys everything. "Folk in Vogue" has been flooding your home page and I'm not sorry. This is a very innovative initiative brought to us by Asian Paints available in their Colour store.

Let me get this straight- I know I've never indulged in commercial blog posts, so when I do, believe me, I am all for it. Being in NIFT amidst creative minds, our tastes always inclines to a traditional masala twist if not fully dedicated to it. The reason behind this is because every form of art and creative activity has its roots in the folk and culture of our society. Today Asian Paints is letting our folk paintings adorn the walls of our urban homes. Take that for a change! The idea is to support our karigaars with work worth spending time on in the present times. 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

February Baby

Who doesn't love February? Perfect month for love: Love for dressing up and love for LOVE. 

The weather is amazing, and so are the people. You can wear the perfect layers and don't have to think about the warmth as you would in the chilly winters. You can definitely ditch the mufflers and go for translucent stockings. Ditch the beanies and tie up your hair. Phew. 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

New Year Introspection

 I’m back in Delhi after  a very gracious holiday with my family. Happy and contend. But certain incidences had me rethink about the things taken for granted.
Very Happy New Year readers!

One of my closest friend’s mother passed away on New Year’s evening. It was unfortunate. Also inevitable.  After all, mortality is achieved only when life as we know it, ends.

I recently came across this video on Facebook where a speaker, Francis Chan spoke about Eternity. He compared the human life to a long rope with a little red tip. The human life on Earth is the red portion and the rest is eternity. The rest did not have a finishing tip; the other side was never ending. Now for this little red part of our life we work and live life the way we want it. We do everything in our own capacity to enjoy and do things our way without realizing what we do on this part of the rope will affect how we will be spending the other side. 

Here is the video: