Monday, 28 December 2015

Almost Over

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year people!

Never too late nor early for warm wishes, is not it? I hope your Christmas went as blessed as mine. Growing up in a Christian family has got me used to celebrating Christmas in the church and that is how it went this time too. There is something very genuine about spending this day in the church. I know it sounds very obvious but from what it has appeared to be today, Jesus' birthday has become a "holiday", like a "festival". Thanks to commercialization Christmas has become more than a religious affair.

This gesture of the society has its impact both positive and otherwise. It would take only a little effort to grab it as an opportunity to tell people that Jesus loves them and is the "reason for the season".

These are just few things that kept occupying my mind during the hustle bustle. However this outfit is not my Christmas #ootd. :D

This was my Sunday church outfit. Last Sunday of the year. The year I turned twenty two. What a year is has been!

I wore a black knit computerized embroidered top which used to belong to mom. This skirt is a tailored hologram pencil skirt gifted to me from my cousin. I paired them with my new Zara shoes, bought proudly with my own earned money (very important :D ) and some glittery clutch I bought four years back. Thank heavens for metallic! Never goes out of trend.

I finally bought a pair of shoes that would replace of older black Zara. I wore those everywhere and I have a feeling this soon is going to be seen in every other blog post hereafter.

The year is almost over and I have so much to reflect on. My final semester as a fashion design student is on: After a few months I shall officially be a "designer" in my own terms. Geez. Childhood dreams come true.

I hope you guys had a wonderful 2015. I had my own share of highs and lows, Jesus has always been the same to me: loving and patient. I'm wishing a sane 2016 for all of you here and may the "force be with you". *grins*


Knit Sweater: Kolkata
Skirt: Thrift

Clutch: Style Forum, Guwahati
Shoes: ZARA

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