Sunday, 26 July 2015

Omega and the Alpha.

My life has reached another small yet significant milestone.
Completed eight weeks of my industry training at Triburg and now, waiting to see what the last year of college has in store for me. This journey has been nothing but ecstatic in each and every step at its own level. I got through it all only by the mercy of the Lord. 

It has been such a unique experience stepping into the shoes of the "women" each brand represented in order to present the brand what it truly deserves, and then convincing it that that is what they had always wanted. Every brand comes with its own personality, and I lived it all.

Most of my designs got selected by the buyers back in Triburg New York, and the feeling is yet to seep in. Imagine your design getting produced in terms of thousands and readily available for the mass. It's quite a responsibility in itself.

I have had the best team. A team who accepted everything that I am and never treating me as an "intern". They respected my opinion and made me comfortable enough to let me voice my opinions-that was all that mattered. They allowed me to put across ideas and present my work in a higher platform. There was nothing I could ask for more.

All the other people in the office as well, the merchandisers, the blue-boys, the canteen boys, the people back in the factories who made my designs come to life and shaped its form, thank you all.

Fourth year of college starts from Monday- a new challenge lies ahead. Wish me the best guys!


Outfit Details:
Top: HOSS Intropia
Pants: thrifted
Bag: Ann Taylor

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