Saturday, 30 May 2015

Resolutions 2015.5

So I've been doing nothing this week and it got me depressed. I've been so used to all the work pressure from college, that I haven't been able to handle a peace of mind. So I decided to have a New Mid Year Resolution:
Do atleast one thing everyday that is not a part of your daily routine.

I've been in Delhi three years now and there are so many historical monuments I haven't visited. I did visit them when I was younger when we all came down for a family holiday sight seeing. When you actually stay in a place, you hardly get time to explore the city.

So I thought, why not start visiting all these places. I started with Qutub Minar.

You could always Google about it's history so I'm going to skip all that jazz. Let me tell you about my experience.

There's this thing about the culture differences in the capital which everyone is aware about and is a victim of, if you are a minority. You'll seldom face this if you are the Mall cultured brat, like everyone else is today. Me included. Once you step out of all that and start exploring parts of the city that does not entertain "city folks", you'll face it.

Me and my friend got called out twice yesterday: Once at the metro. And once in "Delhi Haat", a shopping complex near the monument.

In the metro, the ones who called us out were these two typically skinny, Nike kicks knock-off wearing boys who called us a Nepali. The other instance in the complex, the shopkeepers on their first glance called us Chinese.

Now, I have nothing against being a Nepali or a Chinese. But the point is, I'm not. I want to be known for who I am. A Mizo. A Northeast Indian. It's like they don't even bother to learn and know. If they'd have politely asked me, I would have sat with them with a glass of sweet lassi and talk about my states.

I walked up to one of the shopkeepers and asked them to be more sensitive. I did have a little talk but I wish I could have done more. I end up getting all pissed and angry, hence it stops me from being polite. I wish I was more like Kima, he has the patience to do all these things. Remember the chaai with Mumbai police incident? No? Just google it.

Anyways, I don't mean to turn my blog into a political hub, so let me get to my outfit now. :D I know, how shallow! Right? :D

I was dressed very cliched, kurta and a harem. I played with the prints. I'm normally not a print-on-print person, but gave this a try. Made me blend right in, without looking tacky. Phew.

Outfit Details:
Kurti: Haute Curry
Harem pants: Bombay Paisley
Bag: Jane Shilton
Sandals: Woodland 

Me and my friends went to Lodi Gardens for a picnic today, which made me carry on my resolution, expect a post on it next! Xx.


  1. Min mention ve tlat mai, what an honor ka pi!

  2. A thu chu thu hranlo nise, Pic khian ka mit ala deuh ber mai a..!! HAha