Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A Sunday Attire

-A home away from home-
The first line which came to my head whilst trying to define my trips to church every Sunday.
When child Jesus was "lost" for three days, he was found talking to the priests in the Temple (the holy place of worship). His parents were very worried and so when they saw Him, they started to scold him for being irresponsible. His reply was- "Why were you searching for me? Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's house?"

Jesus considered the Temple his home. Which pretty much justifies why we are so emotionally attached to the Christian culture of church services every Sunday.

 I was back at home in Guwahati last week for a short while. College had kept me stressed out this semester. It was a much needed break. Although, yes, a NIFTian doesn't truly have holidays. I went home with some work pending. Won't complain though. Grateful for the little time I spend with my folks.

The Sunday in Guwahati I wore this outfit, the highlight being the Mizo puan. This is not my first Sunday puan post. I had posted other looks here: Daddy's Princess in a Puan Ropui and One Fine Sunday. However, I've always been asked to post my Sunday outfits every now and then by friends who follow me and read my blog, so I'm more than happy to do this again.

For someone who attends the church four/five times a month, it can get really annoying having as much "formal" clothes to wear and make sure it looks different every time. So here are few tips I have tried jotting down for you girls to help you have a  versatile wardrobe:

1. Go for semi-formals: This applies specially if you are still a student. Buy upper garments which can be worn in any respectable occasion other than the church too. Best if you stick to a single color or if printed, smaller prints. That way, there is more scope for mixing and matching. Statement pieces are appealing to the eye but heavy on practicality.

2. Choose multi-colored puan if not plain: This is for every student and working women who can't afford to have a big space for lots of clothes. Puan with multi colored weaves can always be paired with any color on it. The less dominant the color you chose from the puan which goes into your top, the better contrast. With plain ones, you can pair any printed tops to go with it! For a minimal classy look, go for a color which is a shade or a tint of the color of the plain puan.

3. Accessorize: This is a no-fail advice every fashion enthusiast will give you. And why not? Accessories does wonders. Personally, I tend to buy more accessories then I buy clothes. It can change a look and go from classy to bohemian in a jiffy.

My outfit details:

Top: Forever21
Puan: Mizoram
Bag: Sarojini

Neckpiece: Westside
Ring: Forever21
Shoes: Dolphin Shoes

A big thanks to Kimtea, my sweet sweet friend who volunteered to click the pictures for me. I didn't even have to tell him how I wanted my pictures. He went, "Leave it to me! I read your blog. I know how you do it." That made my day.

I've heard of people saying how because of so many people dressing up so expensive in church, others tend to have an inferiority complex and hesitate to attend church services. This is specially a big case in Northeastern states like Nagaland and Mizoram. Therefore people are often counselled on how attending the church is not about the clothes, and more about the Lord we worship. This is of course the ultimate truth. No materialistic things should come between your heart and it's savior.

On a lighter note, see, you don't have to have expensive things. You just need to shop right and pair them right. And I'm always here to help :)

As an end note, let me repeat myself, nothing should come between your heart of worship and the Lord. In fact, what does Luke say after the Boy Jesus in a Temple incident? "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. " God bless.

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