Thursday, 9 April 2015

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

Another throwback post. Because-Thursday. Kidding. I'm going to skip all apologies and believe you have got used to my irregularity. I know my title seems too fancy for myself, but it was the inspiration to this ensemble, so what the hell. Just go with it.

Theotro dell'Opera di Roma is the name of one of the world's greatest opera house located in Rome, Italy. The interiors of the theatre is what inspired me the most. You could always Google the picture,so I'm not referencing it here. It is a theatre in all its glory. The yellow light against the red curtain backdrop, making it perfect for my 5th semester Surface Design Technique theme.

The embroidery I chose here is Phulkari. It is an embroidery originating from the state of Punjab in India. The word is derived from Phul meaning flower and Kari meaning work. The common motif is a geometric flower and thus the name. I wanted this technique to represent the lights, so I gave it a western twist. To give more justice I chose a very dramatic silhouette to it. I also applied quilting technique in the back as a patch.

As you can see, my obsession for sheers and black will strive no matter what weather.
Until next time!

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