Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Paint me.

"Paint me up, my dear, I've been so colorless,
The grey around me has been so loud.
I'm loving the words that make me tremble,
You put my thoughts among the clouds.
Paint me up and let me be,
Baby, I'm not just a nominee.
I'm here to win, here to spin,
Everything about you, so just let me in.
But I gotta let you know, I'm not gonna be easy,
I'm gonna burst out loud just as you paint me.
Try me, but let me be, 
Don't push too hard, do not shove me,
Just show me you and then paint me,
Paint me up, and let me be. "

Self composed. 

My outfit today for college consisted of a very prized find of mine from a local street here in Delhi, a knit dress, of my favorite shade of Red, very close to Pantone color of the year Marsala. My favorite knee high boots. My new Paite shawl from Manipur. My favorite bag from Jaipur.  And my newly shed non existent fats. LOL. Joking: Look at me.

While the whole country is getting hyped up about Barack Obama's visit and other important political agendas, I'm here in college stitching blouses and embroidering swatches.Handling CADs and learning when laces and bonnets came into being. It's all good though. All good.
This winter has been harsh, and I'm thankful for this dress. It makes me feel good about myself. I've got something to hold on to when in doubt :)

Thank you so much Amlan for these beautifully clicked photos.
You guys can always follow his work HERE. He's an amazing photographer, clicking portraits and everyday items in the most intense way possible. Heck, the Instagram official page follows him. Haha. Glad to have a friend from my hometown Assam, who's so talented and passionate.

 Hoping to write and post looks again soon... XoXo.

Knit Dress: Local Market, New Delhi
Boots: New York
Bag: Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Shawl: Manipur

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  1. I like the location you choosed, and good eye for light too.