Saturday, 17 January 2015

Golden Globes 2015: My take

The award season is here: Golden Globes, Oscars, Star Guild and all the likes.
Blogs and fashion websites will be filled with "Best Dressed" and "Worst Dressed" lists.
That got me thinking why shouldn't I write about what I always felt going through these lists. So here I am, what you are going to read are what these celebrities (or their stylists) could have added to/thrown from their ensemble to make them the best dressed. For that I've chosen celebrities whose get ups I really loved, but were teeny weeny steps away from the oomph factor.

Before that, I want to name two celebrities i absolutely have nothing to add to. They look awesomesauce from head to toe: 

Alessandra Ambrosio in Zuhair Murad
Kate Beckinsale in Elie Saab
Alessandra got it just right with this Zuhair Murad. The sleek hairdo, neutral make up, earrings and the bracelets, nothing went over the top, complimenting the dress like it should.

Kate again, did full justice to this Elie Saab. I love it how everything is muted and strokes of contrast done on the nails and in the lines of the clutch breaks the monotony.

Now, the following are whose get ups I liked but would have been so much better if given minute changes.

Amy Poehler
 Amy Poehler: There is something about gathered elasticated bands that just doesn't gel with a very sophisticated event like the Golden Globes. Although the color is stunning, it wouldn't have hurt if the neckline went deeper, considering the gown has fully covered her arms and legs anyway. Also, a round necklace with a round neck? No No.

Anna Faris in Reem Acra
 Anna Faris: I absolutely love the gown and I get it that she was opting for the all neutral look, however, a tad bit of a color would have added so much. Maybe a little low-lights and high-lights on her hair? A marsala clutch. Darker nailpaint. Darker lips. Anyone of these would have sufficed.

Katherine Heigl in Zac Posen
 Katherine Heigl: This woman is a power house, and I love what she's wearing. If only.... the neckline was a little higher. The empty space on her chest has imbalanced the whole look. She could have added a nice necklace on instead too.

Katie Holmes in Marchesa
Katie Holmes: Umm. Where do I start? Okay, I love the hair, the color of the gown and her make up, but all of them teamed up is just wrong. If she HAD to wear this gown, this is what I would have done: keep the side parting of the hair, instead of the pony, have a huge side bun. Ditch the metallic bracelets, go for a more expensive, maybe diamond bracelets, beautiful diamond chandeliers on the ears and finally a nude heels.

Image source:Vogue

Hoping to write more for Oscars. Let me know if you agree, or disagree with my suggestions, and if you have your own, do comment! :) 

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