Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Throwback 2014

We are just few hours away from entering a new year and I know all of this hype about the new year may get a little frustrating considering all the resolutions we have to make (and break!). But right now I'm just looking back to all my days in 2014. What a ride it was! More than half of my year was smooth and then the later half became shaky. However, I'm thankful anyways to God for being with me through it all.
Thought I should do some reminisce of the year through my style changes. Here's it!

January to March:
Delhi winters were harsh. There was so much more than layering to do. Taking care of your skin, your hair, your diet. Ufff. There was no sacrificing the warmth though. My high boots kept me company: shirt dresses, mini dresses, long tops, I could wear them all because of this classic pair. I loved over sized everything (still do, nothing's changed in that department! :D ) Played with winter accessories a lot more than I am doing now.

April to August:
Spring came and then summers. My looks went from fresh floral (very cliched) to dark summers (not so much of a cliche) kinda looks. These months were full of assignments and exams so most of my works came forth and limelight was on the college outfits. Also did some modelling for myself and my seniors' Graduation Collections.
P.S.: Chopped off my mane to welcome new seasons and emotions. :) Even during these months, my hair kept on varying in color and cut. I'm guilty if you call me addicted to hair-cuts.

Second ensemble: Tribal Encounters. Model: Jezreel Puii Hmar

Pic credit: Me. (Photography assignments) Model: Akansha Kalkakoti
Tie and Dye done by Me

Tie and Dye: Me

Designer: Monica Singh
We also went to Gujarat for the craft clusters (June), where we had to go all indie to mix with the locals of Surendranagar. Some outfits and moments captured:

September to November:
Autumn brought its colors in: Browns, Beige and Reds took over my outfit from hair to shoes. It was during these months I started laying emphasis on hair care, skin care and make up. My focus was to look healthy and natural. You tell me if I did justice :D

December (My birth month):
This month again had my head and heart going round. The semester in college was hectic. So much work I didn't have time to shoot my outfits or my work. Semester exams had me going crazy and so did heartbreaks. Jesus got me going through it all. Thank God! I also got engaged in singing with some peers of mine from church, we began singing in a lot of different places. I enjoyed those times. My birthday again, was such a blessed day. I had my favorite people to be with me on that day. My housemates had a cake for me, even during the hectic exam times. My school besties and I got together in Cha Bar, Connaught Place, after three years! and had a ravishing dinner at Golden Dragon with close Mizo friends. Truely blessed 21st birthday for me.

Thank you Esther, Thlana and Hminghlua. Lots of love XX

Ringsmaidi and Sarah Them. Love you both.
And then it was Christmas!

Lemme know what do you think about my looks in 2014 and what you want me to focus on in 2015! You can follow me on instagram (@mawipuiloves) or hashtag #mawipuiloves, if you want me to see any look of yours, I'm always game :)

Hoping you guys have the loveliest New Year's Eve and best wishes for the coming year! Take care.

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