Thursday, 6 November 2014

Shine Jesus, Shine!

"Lord, the Light of Your Love is shining,
In the midst of the darkness shining,
Jesus, Light of the World, shine upon us,
Set us free by the truth You now bring us,
Shine on me. Shine on me."

This song was my "jam" during my childhood days. I remember performing it in the church twice, once in the Sunday school (Naupang Inkhawm) and once in the main church (Biak in pui). The song has, however, become clearer to me as I'm growing up. All these songs about "being the Light of the World" has begun to make sense. It is so less about us shining in the world and making our name, and so much more about letting God shine through us. Doing whatever we do in the name of the Lord and making sure it is good enough for Him to shine through. People should be seeing the force behind your goodwill and not you the human. We are just God's hands and legs. Like the Kristian Thalai Pawl Diamond Jubilee theme song says,
"Tho la, eng rawh, I eng chu a lo thleng a. 
  Lalpa ropuina chu I chungah a lo chhuah tak hi,
  Tho la eng rawh. Eng la..."

My stay at home this time was very short. I was lucky enough to attend two nights of the Healing Crusade by Pu C.Vala, a servant of God, who healed the sick in body and mind by the name of Jesus Christ. Putting the healing aside, I've benefited a lot from reading his book ("Kei leh Keimaha PATHIAN INPUANNA") alone. I'm in the middle of it now, couldn't finish it yet because of college, but it has already shaped my life for the better.

I think a lot of misunderstanding surrounds the life of a Christian not only because of the non-Christians but because of the people inside the church too. For me, standing firm in what I believe in and what my parents have inculcated on me since childhood is good enough. Of course there are times when you go and make mistakes, there are times I've fallen into the deepest pits. But I've had had Jesus as my best friend and that is what helps me rise back up and stand straight against all odds. No, I don't think my fashion career has anything to do with my religion. I can very much be into the industry and still keep my morals intact. I think I'm here to show people that too. And maybe when I reach the ultimate test, Jesus will let me know and pull me down, and it will be worth it. I may not be making sense to some of you right now, but it will, when the time comes :)

About my outfit, it was Diwali when the Crusade happened so I dressed up in the most apt way I thought was possible. All Black has been my favorite this season and you'll see me sporting a lot of blacks these days. Also, noticed my hair? Yea, I promised a post on my new hair cut and here it is! Comment and let me know what you think about this new look of mine. One thing's for sure, it does make me a lot healthier (read, fatter :P ) A lot of thanks to Wella again, the Oil (about the oil) does wonders,making my hair look a lot softer and shinier. I needed it.  The weather has begun to cool down and I'm loving it. Time to rotate the wardrobe to Autumn Winter again!

I'm back in Delhi now, busy again with classes and assignments. I'll try being as regular as possible though, keeping fingers crossed. Ciao.



  1. It seems nice to look, better suggestion here if this photo was taken could be inspect as it is, not with Camera flash reflecting mix :D :) ti mai2 nih kha, I inhmeh bur!

    1. No, you're right. I never liked the camera flash myself. I am just so stagnant with my posts, I thought something is better than nothing at this point. Lol. Thanks anyways.

  2. haha welcome. Not am I a good photographer though...from my years of experience i always admire natural light. But the angle and from which degree it enters matters a lot!! just sayin' yea..:)