Saturday, 22 November 2014

Rare Casual Days

It was just one of those very few days when I actually got time to catch up with Sonal. I'm pretty sure you know her if you've read my posts earlier. It's always good to find some time out for a friend whom you've been sharing all your burdens with. Not because she'll comfort you, but rather because you know she'd tell you exactly what is wrong with you and yet not judge you. And like always, we had to have an outfit shoot.

No matter what time of the day we start out of the house, our shoots can never start until dark. There's something about lightening the night dark and the play of contrasting details that intrigue us. Our previous post Ode to the New Light would tell you the same story too.

I'm in love with this denim shirt-dress with a princess line detail. I love the color dye and the fit. I teamed it casually with a Rajasthani embroidered bag, which I'm still head over heels about. I bought this from Jaipur this October when we went for an educational trip. Pieces like these are found in Janpath in New Delhi as well. These are pretty expensive as they are mainly hand embroidered and are antique customized pieces, designs of which we would not find anywhere else. The old coins on it add so much. For my feet my Westside sandals came to the rescue.

Sonal recently made her own blog where she showcases graphical work done by her. Do visit her blog HERE and like her Facebook page HERE. Thanks buddy for the illustration:

See ya soon. Xx

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