Sunday, 12 October 2014

Back at home.

Left Delhi, 7:45 am.
Arrived at Guwahati, 10:05 am, 11th Oct, 2014.

Diwali holidays are here and I'm back home. Away from the hustle bustle of the capital. I'm sure a lot of you are busy planning the best event, best costumes and best food for this festivity. Well, have fun.

You must have noticed how irregular I was last month, well, blame college. You will not believe the amount of work we have semester. Many of my friends think designing is just cutting the patterns. many think it's just sewing clothes and a lot many think it's just sketching. Let me get it straight, it is all that plus a lot of brain work, theory classes like Merchandising, Marketing, History of Design and Fashion with a lot of sub titles, Fabric studies, etc etc. So you see, it's a holistic approach to the fashion world. So stop asking me stupid questions like, "Do you know to stitch?"- Hell yeah, I do, I can stitch you a brain right now. I'm as up to date in economy as you are and know as much mathematical formulas I need to construct even curves for the dress you've been dreaming about.

 Anywho, as life would have had it, I'm home with a lot of assignments on embroidery and this cold-cough is not doing me any favor. I hope I get well soon. I miss blogging and writing my thoughts out, but no ootds kinda discourage me because I would have all words and no visuals in my post. However, I think I should just go ahead now, you now, write even without any pictorial content. (grins)

I'm inclined to fusing of Western and Indian elements to create a perfect look for any day. If you have followed me on Instagram, you must've seen that. Btw, do follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I post my ootds there more regularly then here. So, go ahead and double tap my posts.

For my airport look I opted for this beautiful dress from Roxy, I love the print details i the hem. I paired it with this leather leggings from Forever21, a scarf (partly because of my dry cough), Rajastani bag and jootis.

Hope to write soon again, see ya.

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