Friday, 25 July 2014

Wild Love Sanctuary

I'm just done packing for tomorrow. Oh wait, it's already past 12 mid-night. Sigh. Well, I'll be in Delhi by God's grace, 4 pm today, away from home. To bid farewell to my home I took out time yesterday to click some memorable greenery around our backyard, things that would remind me of how "homely" our home is. Here are some pictures out of the many lot I clicked. I hope it reminds you of some Wild Life Sanctuary.

I'll be missing my baby Tommy so bad. Even now as I'm typing he's sleeping with me and snoring. Heavens know how I live everyday in Delhi without him. It's been almost eight years since he joined the family. I can not imagine the day he'll go through the inevitable.

Found this black chick, (pun not intended) in the backyard. So fluffy.

My giant little brother Andrew and my beautiful mother. I'll be missing their sarcastic being.

Dad. The one who always makes sure I have sugar in my mouth, literally and not, always. 

Yes, yes, we have all kinds of fruits and vegetables you can grow here. All credits to my mom, and I take none, because I do not fancy gardening as much.The reason being my intolerable attitude on seeing living beings having more than four legs.

Anywho, I had a great summer at home with friends and family. Forever grateful to the Almighty for such pillars of strength carrying me through thick and thin.

Love you all. XX. 

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