Thursday, 10 July 2014

Vintage Keeps

I have been lying around at home for few days now, fishing through my old wardrobe, clothes to discard, give away or keep, when I found this one. This lilac dress belonged to my mother and had been lying for more than two decades maybe. I've blogged about a lot of my keeps from mom's closet. Mom's Closet and Stone Age- Carrying on the Legend to name a few.
The fit of this dress was not exactly my idea of a perfect garment, but then thought why not style it up and see how it looks. Then I came up with these two looks. You be the judge.

I went a little bohemian with the first look. Messy hair (yes, follow up of my post last night- Hairy Tales), Crazy printed thrift bag and these modern version of Kohlapuri chappals from Westside.

The second look is aimed to be a little formal. Now, what I want you to focus on is the play of textures. The fabric of the dress is plain Georgette, so played up with textured bag (thrift) and shoes (from Dimapur). I preferred the hair clutched back for this look.

I'm kind of jobless these days, so you'll be flooded with posts more regular than usual. Keep logging in!


  1. Jobless? LOL I was wondering about the sudden spurt in posts. Keep 'em coming. :)

    1. and now that I have the time, I'm lacking inspiration. haha