Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I think I found it.

The new semester has begun. Entering the 5th semester does not make much difference to me, except for the new courses. Same professors, same labs, same classmates. There's a feeling of belonging now though. You don't have to try hard, don't have to stumble upon your own words, don't have to awkwardly smile at faculty members, it all comes easy. It's like, I've found where I belong. If not by choice, atleast by order of living.

Unlike other days too, I've stopped being so planned about my ootds. Not conscious about the trend or style I'm portraying. Instead I'm just being me. I think I've found me. I've found my Genre.

This is my ootd, second day of the class. Apparently, tying your checked shirt around your waist is not something out of the blue. It is everywhere. All have done it, some of us still do it. I love the feel it gives me.

I've always been inclined to being a Bohemian. However, I do not live a Boho life, I am still very traditional in some ways. I've also been very grungy, but with a feminine twist to the definition. My genre is a little of the two, BohoGrunge. Look wise, it does seem Rock chic, but Boho Grunge brings a feel of versatility in the looks and brings down the glam flavor.

There will be days I go astray from the ideal Boho Grunge, but that is not me being a hypocrite. Consider it being the versatile me.

Outfit details:
Shirt: Thrift (detailed post HERE)
Denim: Old Navy
Checked shirt: Thrift
Tasseled bag: Westside
Sandals: Westside
Rings: Westside
Headband: Gift
Thank you Amlan Jyoti for being so enthusiastic behind the lenses.