Friday, 20 June 2014

Beginning of the Third Year.

Celebrations and Festivals are somehow always decked in shimmers and glitters.
Maybe it is a way to symbolize the "sparks" it brings to the human spirit, or maybe just a way to make it even more glamorous than it already is. My post this time doesn't have to do with any big festival though. Just a small milestone in my life- beginning of a new year for my blog.

My trip to Gujarat for college craft clusters had clashed with the actual day of my blog turning two- 18th June, therefore, I could not even give enough time for any "special" posts to commemorate it. Craft clusters lasted from 8th to 18th June, just so you know. These accessories and junkies are from Law Garden, Ahmedabad- a place famous for it's night market.

The mirror work Bag, peacock and elephant decors, an oxidized silver jewellery and a mirror and embroidered cloth piece will be my treasured buys always.

We reached Delhi yesterday, the 19th, on the day of my cousin's birthday, and this is what I wore for dinner in Hauz Khas Village.(pics are taken at home)

It's amazing how good my blog has been going and I have so many people to thank for, firstly God and my parents, who've been supporting me and allowing me to do the things I love and trusting my instincts. All my friends, who've non-stop helped me built the posts and are always filled with suggestions, other bloggers who've been responsible for a lot of the publicity I got and of course all of the readers who take time to go through my pictures, thoughts and shameless advices. Love you all and I'll never be able to repay you enough.
I've also tried giving the blog a new look, a very critical one, you will either love or hate. I've taken up the policy of being versatile in my layout as I am in person, so you'll see changes in it every six months :) I promise I'll be rue to myself always.


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