Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tribal Encounters

 Hey people, as I promised my new post today is about the ITP (prototype development) collection we presented yesterday. Our group came up with the concept of global traveler at first, but with inputs and discussions with our faculty mentors, we came down to "the North-Eastern tribes". But who are we kidding? The NorthEast India is vast and varied in it's own number of tribes and traditions. So we finally narrowed it down to Mizo (Lushai) tribe, and because we did not want to go for the famous Puanchei, we chose the Puan Ropui for our element. We called our collection Tribal Encounters.
This is what our mood-board looked like:

Now, Puan Ropui, or the "Great Puan" is one of the "puan" (cloth) that is very famous among the tribe yet very few knows about its origin. As far as the sources I researched are concerned, it is supposed to be a cloth originally worn by spinsters in earlier days. Later it became a common attire to wear in auspicious ceremonies. The Puan Ropui normally has two motifs, the "kitkiau" (the zig-zag lines) representing the hills and the "sial-mit" (diamond) representing mithun's eye.

Now this is the collection we came up with. Although not highly professional, we are proud to say this is what we came up with to end our second year, and first year in the department.
The designers of the garments from left to right are: Chand Routh, Evleena Naik, Ginni Singh, Devanshi Tamudia and me, Felnunmawii Gangte. There's a sixth member Avantika Bajpai too.

Avantika's model Chandrika and my bestie Jezreel (here) wearing my garment.
Yes, if you have a keen eye, then you'd have realised the Puan ropui used is the same one I wore here. The expensive cloth was brought from my mom in a little less rate for us, so thanks mom!


I have an asymmetrical overlapping waist coat with a built up neckline. This piece is the one I call my baby in this ensemble because of all the finishing I did for it. I blind hemmed most of it because I wanted the chic look with no stitch lines on the outer surface.

I have a circular hemmed top for the inner wear with pom poms in the hem. The sleeves are a variation of cap sleeves. This piece is very RTW and can be worn with almost anything.

The ensemble is complete with a straight cut angle length pant, which is paneled with dual color tone.

All of us worked on our garments for exactly two days: cutting of patterns, stitching and finishing it. This is something all of us should be proud of. Kudos to all my batchmates (y).

Last but definitely not the least, thank you sooooo much my dearie for making my garment look so much prettier. It was nice meeting you after almost two years. Love you much. XX.

Do comment guys on what you think of my garments and the collection as a whole. Lots of love.
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Until next time.