Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Reinventing Myself

If you've been following my posts, you'd notice how much I've changed over the months. The morph of my own being has been a rather confusing journey. Fashion-wise I've had a lot of people telling me how I've been away from myself. Let me tell you, a lot of your look is dependent on the chain of thoughts that happen within. You are equally important inside out. Me, I'm finally letting go.

By that I do not mean leaving all the associates of my life alone. Rather, being true to myself and loving myself first and then figuring what to do with the rest. I'm learning to be independent all over again. By that I mean, not needing anyone to hold me together. Just God and me. Keeping a line between my NEEDS and WANTS. With that I'm stronger and purer. Nothing to filter my being.

My outfit post today was of last weekend when we headed over to an acquaintance's place for a shoot for our photography display. And for a good change, I played behind the camera. Later of course I had to come out for an outfit shoot. Thanks Abhilipsha  for the enthusiasm.

Denim on denim doesn't have to be just for the cold climate. I wore a very comfortable denim waist coat gifted to me by my bestie Dee, with my favorite Levis jeans. The floral top is thrifted and so are the earrings. I paired them up with my new baby sandal from Forever21.

Thanks Gyan for letting me borrow your Zara hat. It suits me more no? :D

A very special thanks to Sunsilk for the gift hamper. Sunsilk is reinventing itself too with a brand new shampoo and conditioner- Natural Recharge. This happened just when I needed it. I've used these for over a week now and they're really working. Sunsilk has always been my fav since childhood. Having had an oily scalp since forever, Sunsilk has always been a safe watch for me. Kudos to the team. Thanks indiblogger.

That's all for now, and do keep reinventing yourself. Remember, you are always number one.

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  1. evrything comes back in circles......we've got to reach that peak even to discover ourselves....keep experimenting..try new things and eventually things seemz to fall back in order. Good luck on your fashion journey..... ( am not a an artist...i try to see what you mean..i may be wrong)