Saturday, 17 May 2014

Inside-Out (Tie and Dye)

Hey guys, we are on with our exams these days and I wanna share with you one of the technique we had to do for a subject NIFT calls Surface Development Technique. This semester we had Screen Printing, Block Printing, Tie and Dye, and Batik in our course, out of which we had to choose and develop a design. Here is my mood board and Story board for the same: 

I created the stencil for the print in the shirt here all by hand. The motif is human heart inside the brain, along with flowers and air to represent the beauty of the mind, body and soul.
The shirt and the denim shorts were originally white, I dyed them with the technique i wanted to get the effect of the X-ray films, which is my inspiration here.

This dress has also been dyed by me to represent the theme. Although it wasn't a part of the display, I had fun creating the print. The teacher's liked the wear-ability of my concept.

I'll update you guys with the other subjects too. We are finishing our exams with yet another ITP on the 2st wherein my group's theme in named "Tribal Encounters" with Mizo Puan Ropui as our main fabric. Stay tuned to the blog for that!


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  1. The first three images do not open for some reason. Would be great to see the mood board and the story board.