Saturday, 5 April 2014

Goodbye Winter Nights

Winter's gone. It saddens when I realize there's only little of late coffee nights left for us to enjoy. Even more sad, that the long coats and leather boots are off the rack for sometime.
I haven't posted a lot of ootd (outfit of the day)-s in the Winter, so here are some of my best looks taken at night. The way I styled myself the last season-

I'll admit, when it comes to dressing up, I'd always prefer Summers to Winters. I hate bulk on my body. One on top of the other, it deprives me of the freedom. It is also always challenging to "stand-out" in winters. Firstly because it is not that difficult to avoid disasters- the colors are dark, people are all covered up with huge garments, etc. And because of the above reason, in average everyone look pretty decent. Standing out would mean more experimentation with textures, cuts, colors and silhouettes.

I had my staple leather pants, leather high knee boots, my beanie and my tights of different shades to help me look prepped up. Winters also meant heavy make-up and no worries if it will smudge. Phew.

Well, for what the Delhi stone-cold weather was worth, I think I did pretty decent in the fashion-o-sphere. 

Time to leave the gloomy temperature behind and concentrate on the cheerful spring shan't we? :)


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