Monday, 28 April 2014


Breathe, heart of mine...

How can you ask a fragile heart like mine not to fall in love?
A heart that loves to give, loves to bounce, love to flaunt.
How can you ask a foolish heart like mine to choose?
A heart that knows just the joys and ignores the sorrows.
How can you ask a compassionate heart like mine to destroy?
A heart that aches and breaks when it breaks another.
How can you ask a lonely heart like mine to leave?
A heart that loves the presence of another.
Now I know though that there are hearts more paramount,
Hearts that are responsible for each beat of Mine.
And for those hearts I will Break.
And then brave through the storms and rays that will drain me.
When all that happens, do not forget to Breathe.
Breathe, heart of mine, for your existence.
Breathe now, my hopeful heart.
Every moment should you capture and cherish.
Because it will be gone, and soon.
Breathe, This heart of Mine, Breathe.

~Me (28.042014)

Live every moment today, because tomorrow the sun may not shine. When that moment comes, the memories will be all that you have left to fondle upon.

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