Saturday, 8 March 2014

Style Spotting @ Spectrum

Hey people, like I promised in the previous post, I'm here tonight to let you witness few of the many, I tell you, MANY stylish people I spotted on our college fest Spectrum.

NIFT being a Fashion college, the fest called fashionistas from within and outside the institution to strut their stuff. The Nift Delhi Spectrum might as well be the "Fashion Week" for students across the capital. Some of course do go wrong whilst trying so hard, but many get it just right. 

Stanzin Palmo, Leather Design dept. decided to attend the first day by welcoming Spring while still holding on to the Winters. I love the Forever21 floral crop top teamed with the Zara skirt. The accessorizing couldn't go better.

Tanya Jain, Knitwear Design dept. opted for a classy chic look and carried it off very well. I'm totally digging her bag.

Black and White much eh? Some random click with the famous Fashion Communication Wall.

Tripti, Leather Design dept. is very shy in nature. So the moment I saw her strutting this dress with so much confidence, my jaw fell down and I was like, "You Go Girl!" Nothing looks as good as self-confidence with dignity and style.

Riddhima Jindal, Leather Design dept. (yet again) was dressed very naturally with all the flowy maxi. Conservative that she looks like, I was impressed she exposed. Haha. Love the neckpiece.

Padma Youdon(Right) and Deachen(Left) are our friends who visited the first day to attend the Fashion Show, and dauuuuyyym, they looked hot! They had a New York meets Tokyo look and an attitude no one else could carry better.

Umm, no I'm not a pervert. I just loved the texture of the bag and the woven skirt so much I couldn't stop myself from capturing it.

Ranjana Sengupta, a friend of mine who visited the fest for the same as above wore a pair, no one could look away from.

I really wish I could have covered more, I'm sure there were a lot of other people worth posting about. But shmucks, that's all for now.



  1. Nicee (y) nangmah i lang ve lo aaa :(

    1. Post hmasa a ka lan kha ka lo duhtok mai asin :) next post k :)