Friday, 28 March 2014

One fine Sunday.

This is what I wore to the church this Sunday.
No, not the denim though.
Christians have always kept the tradition of attending the church at Sundays and keep this day auspicious for our Savior. What was started as a simple prayer and Bible reading service has now turned into a whole programme of traditions and customs.
Now, one very vital part of all of this is the clothes we wear to the church. It is globally accepted to be in our formals for the service/mass and in our Mizo culture, the women are expected to be clad in the traditional "puan". Now, you might be wondering why this sudden post about the cultures and traditions. I'll tell you: because it has everything to do with Fashion and we just can't ignore it. 

In this contemporary time, in a city like New Delhi, being a student, it is literally impossible to own a huge closet of "Sunday dresses". We normally team up the "puan" with a formal shirt or the specially tailored blouses which matches the "puan". Now, for a very hobo, casual dresser like me, that is very inconvenient. I wear a lot of T-shirts and very less tops. So when I spotted this shirt in a store in Safdarjung, I had to buy it. The first thought was, Hey, I can team it up with a puan for Sundays.

I love the color. I've been so much into blues these days. Hihi. Anyways, the church has always been an auspicious place. It is considered inappropriate to be in casuals. Travelling becomes an issue which is why we girls normally wear our fav. jeans and come and change when we reach. You cannot judge us. Lol.

At the end of the day however, it is the mind and the heart we carry that matters when we talk to the Almighty. And of course, Sundays are also the most appropriate day to meet up with your friends with whom you seldom hang out otherwise.

Oh, just fyi, the shirt is from: CUT LINE, 66 Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi-110029. They also sell the hand woven rich textiles (shawls/ puanbih) of Mizoram.

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