Monday, 10 February 2014

Indian Comic Con 2014. #Day 2.

Indian Comic Con 2014
Day: 7,8,9th February '14
Venue: Tyagraj Stadium, INA, New Delhi.
Covering Day 2: 8/2/2014

Zothana Khawlhring (Loki)
Zodini Chawngthu (Mira Nygus)
and me being myself. awkward. lol.

Johnny Depp much?
PC: Hriatpuia

Zombie Apocalypse.
PC: Hriatpuia 

These two were so enthusiastic when they saw me clicking pictures. They just hopped right in! :D

                       And these kids! Sooo adorable. I had to ask them to pose with me. Cuties.

Hell Boy pose.

Pushing the Iron to it's limit.

PC: Hriatpuia
                                             Unedited click by the pro. LOVING this coin box.

and he won.
It was a proud moment for the Mizos when Zothana won both in his category and over all, claiming himself a road to New York Comic Con. Yes, we screamed our lungs out.

SuperKuri- the Indian Comic Con mascot :)

Posing with them rockers: Zothana, me, Zodini and Bill (Uchiha Madara, who won on the 1st day in the Manga category).

 News: I finally own my own Digital SLR. No more petty excuses for not being regular with the posts. Sigh               Lol. Thanks dad. I love you.

Yes, no outfit post for a change. Here's signing off with a shameless pose in the tracks though. TeeHee.


For more info on Mizo Cosplayers visit: Project ZERO


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  2. By looking at this post I wish I could've been there...!!

  3. Looks like a lot of effort went into making the helmet worn by Loki and also his weapon! While on the other hand SuperKuri might have just got it done by the local tailor. LOL!!