Friday, 10 January 2014

Ode to the New Light...

Here's an Ode to the New Light...
An ode to the new heights,
An ode to the All Might.
Through the darkness I touch the ray
The scars of the scratches, though here to stay.
I've made peace with my fears
I've found ways to hide the tears.
And I'll be doing amazing, 

Because I can see all the lights seeping
Through the tiny hole from all the fights,
Here's an Ode to the New Light...
                                                                                                                - written by Suzanne (Me)...

A very Happy New Year to all.
After the short hectic holiday spent at home, I'm back here in Delhi, already on with the classes of a new semester in college... With the inviting weather of the city, me and Sonal, yes the one I mention in every other post of mine, decided to catch up over coffee at Costa Coffee in Green Park and shoot because, you know, YOLO. Lol. I know that thing is annoying.

So, as you can see I now own a leather leggings, finally, and you'll be seeing it a lot. Haha. I teamed it up with mom's vintage metal collared houndstooth look-alike printed shirt, layered with a lot of cardigan. 

Sonal wore a very nice kitten sweater teamed with classic blue denim, a matching cute bag and classic heeled oxfords.

I think the winters around New Year always brings a sense of ecstasy in me. My post last year around this time was also associated with Lights (See:Ray of Hope here). There's something in the way the lights seep inside darkness that really inspires me. Anyways, You guys have a blessed 2014.

Me: Shirt and cardigans- Mom
       Socks- Korea
       Shoes- Dimapur
       Leather Pants- Forever21
       Fringed bag- Westside
       Ring- customized.
Sonal: Sweater- Shanghai
          Denim pants- Pepe Jeans
          Shoes- D&A
          Bag- Shanghai 


  1. Nice pics you managed in such low light! The soft light of the festive lighting always adds some magic. And oh, about the clothes, :D loved the printed shirt. :)

    1. Thanks. You've got pretty pictures yourself. :)