Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My First Ever Garment~ Aced.

Hello People. 
This is a "throwback" from last month, err, year. One of the subject we Fashion Design department have is the ITP or Prototype Development: a combination of all the main subjects to create a collection. It was a part of our End-term evaluation with the Jury from outside our own dept evaluated us. A nerve wrecking moment. Our first ever garment (for most of us atleast).
I'm featuring my garment for the most. I regret that I couldn't get the rest of my group mates' work. The whole process of selecting the theme, making the mood boards, color and swatch board, the muslin fit, etc. took us almost two weeks. But the final job of tracing the patterns, sourcing for the fabrics, cutting and constructing all took place in two days. That was a challenge accepted and executed. :)

Friday, 10 January 2014

Ode to the New Light...

Here's an Ode to the New Light...
An ode to the new heights,
An ode to the All Might.
Through the darkness I touch the ray
The scars of the scratches, though here to stay.
I've made peace with my fears
I've found ways to hide the tears.
And I'll be doing amazing, 

Because I can see all the lights seeping
Through the tiny hole from all the fights,
Here's an Ode to the New Light...
                                                                                                                - written by Suzanne (Me)...