Sunday, 29 December 2013

Men-trend (maintain?) Yourself

The share of men's clothing in the fashion industry has always remained a stagnant percent of below 20 as compared to 60% of women, and 30% of kids' wear (average from all the estimated data available). The basics has always been selling generously than the trendy clothing when it comes to the darker sex. It is only fair to say that dressing up for men has always been easier but dressing well, a lot more challenging.
Hey girls and guys, I'm back with the post I promised weeks ago and I can't help but apologize for the delay. I've selected some men ideal for this post, and these are what I got out from the guys who dress not only for the ladies, but for themselves too.
Reuben Pachuau
"My father is my inspiration", says the 22 year old chocolate boy Reuben Pachuau, whose favorite brands range from Armani to Zara. Considering the fact that he resides in London at the moment, it is not surprising the impeccable taste he has when it comes to clothes or otherwise. During winters you'd likely see him in layers of hoods and jackets, cargo pants, Animax trainers or brown boots, completed with a beanie. He claims he is obsessed about shoes and jackets, and indeed, it shows (the varsity above and the denim below are two heck of trendy buys).

Reuben Pachuau
 Speaking of obsessions, it would be difficult to beat Saia's obsessions for shoes. Trainers, to be precise, or "Kicks" as he'd call them. "Sources" claim his world revolves around his shoes and the way he cares for them clearly is worth the price he pays. He owns exactly twenty pair of shoes now. He had gifted away most of his pairs on Christmas this year. When it comes to clothing, he likes online shopping and staying in Aizawl, sites like Myntra is where he gets his  trends from.

Saia Sailo
He also likes tailored custom made clothes for himself. If you happen to reside in Aizawl, or any place in Mizoram, as a matter of fact, tailor made garments has always been "in" for both sexes. The tribe is blessed with talented hands for fine construction and we are making good use of it. It has always been the best option for occasion wears.

Samuel Varte
 So what if you stayed in the south of the sub-continent where there is nothing but a fine line between the summers and winters? "Cardigans and light knitted sweaters work wonders...", says Samuel Varte, better known as Sammy, a 25 year old fashion geek from Bangalore, working as a Communications SME at Convergys. He's one experimental guy I've come to learn of from Facebook. I love how he manages to look so stylish in every picture he's been tagged on! "If the weather permits, I would put on my faux fur black and white jacket and have a night out..." he expresses.

Samuel Varte
I asked these style gurus for advises for you guys and this is what they had to offer:
Sammy : "Umm... I think men should not be afraid to experiment with style.  We should explore trends and be able to be creative with our own styles. Respect and care towards our women, be it our girlfriends, mother, sister or grandmother, should be a trend for men, it would always be in, every season. :) "
Saia: "I want men to learn their figure and dress accordingly. We should accentuate our plus points and distract attention from the minus points. The personality of a person is very important."
Reuben: "It's not only about what u wear... It is the way you present yourself to others... The way you walk, talk, your expressions..."

Samuel Varte
 Wise words. After all the conversations, the one thing all of them focused their advises on were, however, self-confidence and sense of humor. I couldn't agree more.
Whether you are a male or a female, nothing could be a bigger turn off than being too conscious of what you are wearing. At the end of the day, it is you who wear the clothes and not the clothes wearing you.

Better dressed guys like you, readers, are what will make the male apparel industry bloom. Metro-sexuality is a price you should be willing to pay for, without losing who you are.

Happy Holidays!

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