Monday, 11 November 2013

Sarah- Bold and Oriental

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to dear Sarah... :)

This girl and me were friends when we were small girls. We met again when she joined the same school as mine in 2010. We passed the 12th standard together. She and I stuck like glue in school. We were completely opposite- I did most of the talking, and that made us good because she hated talking so she did most of the listening. There was I thing we had in common though- Fashion.

Name: Sarah Lamneithiem Khongsai
Student: B.A. Hons Pol Science, 2nd year, Maireyi College, New Delhi.
Defines Fashion: "...reflection of who you are and what you believe through what you wear. It is an art."
When asked about her style she says, "My style keeps changing... I don't stick to a particular genre so I can't really state a definite style or how I carry 'my' style off... I have a 'me' thing in every genre."

I can see that. She wears almost everything and still make the look her own. You can tell it's her style without the need to pin point how and where exactly. She was always bold in her sense of style and from what I've seen, the shift of cities from Guwahati to Delhi had a big impact on her. She once told me Delhi gave her the freedom to explore.

Her oriental looks gives her a bonus. It brings that edge to the styling she carries. If I were forced to give her a genre, I'd say she has an androgynous sporty vibe and it is what she does best.
She has been such an inspiration for me and for many others, specially in our Facebook group, Fashion Freaks, where she is one of the admin. She's well versed with the latest designers and fashion houses, collections and trends. I hope she'll continue to inspire us in many days to come.
A very happy birthday again :)
Lots of hugs and kisses. XoXo

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