Monday, 29 July 2013


Home is where the heart is. So then, at the moment my heart is at two places, with my family and with my love. I'm back to Delhi now and life is back on a routine. Today was the first day of the 3rd Semester and the first day for me in my department, an official Fashion Design student. Feels good writing that out. :)

We were introduced to Dress forms, allotted machines and were warmly welcomed by the faculty, all of which is gonna be our abode for the next three years. Of course, some of my batch-mates tried  ragging the newbies in Foundation Program while we were ragged by department seniors, a healthy, light ragging session. It was a good normal start. Let's see what the rest of the semester has in store for us.

These pictures were taken before I left for the airport at home. I'm missing my baby Tommy the most. The old dog has grown old, grey hair and all that. I'll post his pictures some day.

I'm wearing a knit top mom gave me, with Old navy shorts, weaved belt, Jane Shilton slings (yes, the one I always carry) and Westside espadrilles. Plaited my hair curly and pony tailed it high up. This look is very comfortable for Airport and suits my mood perfectly.

Travelling with a book is always a good idea. In a 2.5hr flight where you can't exactly sleep, the magazines provided just don't help. For me, books are forever. I still can't get used to the e-books,. Although I have a lot of them, I find it really difficult to enjoy it in my laptop.
Anyways, Summer's Gone, Rain's here. Hope you guys are enjoying drenching in the showers! I'm done with cold but if you are not, take a jump into the muddy pool!

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