Monday, 8 July 2013

E(Va)mpire State of Style

Have you ever heard of an instance where the LBD went wrong? Rarely.
This Sunday I went for the ultimate safest and bare minimum dressing- the LBD and the nudes.

Just, fyi, my mom curled my hair for me. Hoot hoot. Thanks mom!

It's always so easy to be confident in a Little Black Dress. You know you haven't worn anything that's not in "trend". This piece is classic anD timeless. This LBD of mine was a gift, it was a maxi actually, I cut it shorter.

I paired it with the belt I so love. Since this belt wasn't high enough I had to tie a knot. You can do this too- Just criss-cross it, put the longer end into the buckle after the knot and Tada.

See you soon, I'm kinda working out these days, because I'm crazy bored and also because I have to keep up with my body-con boyfriend. Teehee. Good for me. I'm making the most of my holidays jogging, swimming and dancing. Started with Pilates too, but the "lazy-bug" is getting into me. Burrr... XoXo.