Monday, 10 June 2013

The "Appropriate" Sunday

Throwback Sunday.
Every society expects it's female folks to dress "appropriately" for church services or puja, Mizo society is one of them. In Mizoram, specially, girls have always been asked to wear the traditional "puan" in order to maintain the "ambiance" of a church. Time's changed certain rigidity though, if not much in Mizoram then elsewhere atleast.
I've grown up in Guwahati and now studying in Delhi, so for me, there has been no such pressure demanding me to wear the heavy and expensive traditional wrap-around every Sunday.
There has been times, when I was 16-17yrs, that I wanted to wear them so much because it made me look "mature" and people can take us seriously then. But then came a phase when I opted to wear skirts a few inches higher than the knee, just to look hip. Now, I'm in my normal "grown-up" self, learning more tricks to dress comfortably, without hurting any religious sentiments and yet being stylish even in church.

I usually do wear the "puan" on sundays. However, yesterday I wanted to wear my newly thrifted skirt. Me, Dee and mom thrift shopped the other day and we bought a lot of vintage stuffs. I was surprised when mom bought me so many of the midi-skirts, when my dad asked her about it, she went, "As long as it inspires her to wear a long skirt, I'm willing to pay." (-_-) She has always been strict about me wearing revealing stuff.  :P

Yesterday I paired my midi brown floral-skirt with a lime green shirt, leather neck-piece form Paharganj, my one and only Louis Vuitton, and my fav. Zara heels.

For all my friends out there who face the same dilemma of dressing "appropriate" in church, keep in mind, it's a religious place, the house of God, at the end of the day, so avoid going too flashy. Avoid a lot of bling. Experiment within the limits. You can play with colors, cuts and cute accessories. Remember, carrying off an outfit means comfort and ease. You do not want to pull your skirt down every time you sit. Think wise. Think Creative. 

We'll meet again soon, till then, keep it cool and stylish.

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  1. well you're rocking a Louie Vuitton bag...many girls would envy you :-)

  2. Louie Vuitton bag reminds me of Russel Peters (Red, White and Brown stand up Comedy) hahahaa
    I like your shoe (??) High heel (??)