Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mommy Diaries

My mom needs no introduction to the regular readers here :) She's always been there since the first post "Alpha" where almost all my stuffs were hers, also see "Mom's closet".
My mom's name is Lalthlamuani Hmar. Friends and dear ones call her "Tepuii".
My relationship with my mom, if drawn on a graph would look like an Aztec print with a sudden shoot in last line raising high up above. Mom is not the most expressive human alive. She has this hard shell around her. What you can see is only 1/10th of who she actually is. She's the strongest yet the most vulnerable woman I've ever known, beating all the characters I've read or heard about in movies or books too.

Here's how my perspective chart goes, when I was:
5 years old: My mom's sooo cool. She stitches all my clothes including my school uniform. I wanna be just                      
like her.
8 years old: She sucks. Strictest woman in the world. I bet even my principal's scared of her, because, well, my friends are terrified of her.
12 years old: Mom's cool. I get to design my own clothes and she stitches them for me. I don't really need her for everything, but her existence is crucial.
15 years old: Goshhhhhh... mom found out this! and that! She's knows everything I did... She hits me even at this age?! Now, I can legally file a case can't I? Can I run out of the house? They just don't get me. Hmmm, maybe she does get me. Actually, she gets me too much. I don't need that.
19 years old: Best friend? Mom. Because she doesn't judge me, well, not anymore. I can tell her almost everything. Boyfriend issues, girlfriends bitching, studies not going well, she's always there.

Truth is, she's always been there. When I think about all the different ways she "disciplined" me, it was because I needed it. She knows me so well that she can tell what will happen to me if she had given me the "freedom". She loved me in a way I would learn.
Truth be told, she never literally wiped my tears or tell me that things will be alright even when I'm down. She's never been that. You know what that made me? Stronger. Just like her. Practical. A Survivor.

The fact is, God gives us the type of angels we exactly need. Your mom is the best mom YOU can have. He knows it all. He knows who you need.
(Written on Mother's Day, 12th May, 13)


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