Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hello Summer

Heyo people. It's a long time no see eh? I'm back home in Guwahati, away from the harsh sun in Delhi.
2nd Semester's over. Two months of Summer holiday. I should be excited shouldn't I? Well, I'm lazy. Haha. Anyways, You'll be going through a lot of my pics from the past weeks. I've been so busy with the exams I could hardly blog, but hell, now I'm back with a Bang! Lol.

I've always been so into biker vests. I never found "the one", you know the feeling right? That's until this.

Okay, I'll admit, I snatched it from my brother. Beg, Borrow or Steal, it had to be mine! I love it so much I pair it with everything. You've seen it before (Only One) and you'll see it again.
The belt is from.... okay, I snatched this one too from a friend of my cousin's in her house party. Lol. I loved the belt so much I kept on complimenting it, later, Derek offered it to me. How could I not accept? Thanks Derek! Okay, no, I didn't snatch the shorts as much as you'd like to think I did. I bought it from Sarojini Market and the Sandals from Green Park. *Grins* Bye. I'll see you in a while.

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